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Fluidyne Radiator

Keepin' it cool without any trouble

If you are in a giving mood  

While working on the swap project, I discovered that the stock civic radiator's fittings were smaller than the B18C1's fittings. After a few attempts at rigging the stock radiator, I ended up double clamping the hoses to try and get them to work. Unfortunately, it still leaked.

While researched radiators, I discovered that the Del Sol VTEC's radiator would be the only radiator that would have larger fittings and fit in the stock position. Just a quick note, the 6G civic Si's radiator is the same as the D16's radiator. The only problem with the Del Sol's radiator, is cost as a new item and unavailability as a used item.

After doing more research I discovered Fluidyne. Fluidyne offers a very thick aftermarket radiator for the civic that includes the larger hose fittings needed for the B18C1. Upon inspection, I discovered that the quality of this radiator is outstanding. Aside from the difference in thickness, the radiator dropped in using all of the original hardware. Fittings were also welded onto the radiator to simplify the installation of the cooling fan. Truly a work of art.

I do not have any specific numbers regarding the "performance" of the radiator. In all honesty, this radiator far exceeds the cooling necessity of the engine. However, in the event that I go turbo, or heavily build the engine for NA performance, I will have a radiator that will successfully accommodate my cooling needs.

Check out the pictures of the new radiator compared to the original.

newrad2 newrad1 newrad3


newrad5 newrad6 newrad7