1940 Ford – AMT – Restoration WIP

While I was at a local model/toy swap meet, I picked this up this model. I had been thinking about a restoring an unloved/glue-bomb model and found this AMT 1940 Ford Coupe. I wasn’t a glue-bomb but it could certainly use some love. What drew me to this project was the wheels. I just thought they were retro cool. While trying to figure out the original manufacturer of this Ford, I did find out that it was an AMT but I have not been able to find one that has the same OHV engine or wheels. The engine has the correct mounts to be attached to the frame which leads me to believe it is original to the kit as an upgraded engine.

Shortly after I brought it home and grabbed a few before pictures, I blew it apart and dunked every last piece in floor degreaser. With a clean slate, I’m ready to add my personal touch to this project! For starters, I ditched what looked like period correct drag tires. I found a set of tires in my parts box that fit perfectly. The odd-ball engine had to go. I dug through my parts box and found a 302 Ford engine from the Monogram 55 truck. It is the fuel injected version found in the fox body Mustang. As much as I would like to give this model a proper dual exhaust, I didn’t want to deal with removing the molded-in single exhaust.

With the kit stripped and the new parts selected, it was time to get busy!