1968 Corvette – Monogram – WIP

This kit had been sitting on my shelf for years and I hadn’t really thought about it until I picked up a few sets of Pegasus 23″ wheels.  Some people don’t care for these enormous wheels but it seems to fit this Corvette very well.

Early on in this build, I finished the majority of the work on the engine and left this project on the back burner. I had intended to buy the color code correct dark metallic green paint for this project until I saw a picture of an all black version. The car in the picture had black Chevy rally wheels with chrome lug nuts (no center cap or trim rings). I knew I had to paint this project black! I wanted to go with the same wheel setup but I couldn’t find a good source for rally wheels with no trim. I thought about using the kit wheels or something similar. After comparing the kit wheels to the Pegasus wheels (with the body painted black) I decided to go back to my original plan for wheels.

I also have a Model Car Garage photo etch set for this kit. I have never used them before and hope to try them out.