Porsche 928 – Gunze Sangyo

Gunze Sangyo? Prior to buying this kit, I had never heard of this brand. I was looking through eBay for loose model wheels and this kit, along with another Porsche 928 (also made by an unfamiliar brand), popped up.  Other than missing wheels and tires, this was a complete kit (the…

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Porsche 356

There is no way for me to figure out when I built this originally.  I was a kid and documenting model building wasn’t something I thought to do.  Youth… It was a glue monster.  I repainted it a few years later, and then a few years later, and it looked…

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Porsche 911 Turbo – Revell

This Porsche model was finished sometime in the early 90’s.  I painted it using a cheap testors starter airbrush.  It was one of two cars that I painted using that air brush.  To this day, I’m still happy with the way this kit turned out.  It is missing details and…

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