The Bench

The Bench – June 2018

I managed to pick up the pace through June. I continued working on the interiors for the Alfa and Superbee. I also finished a significant amount of the work on the 66 Chevelle. The interior for the Alfa was easy to detail. I did have to fill in a sink mark on the dash but …

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The Bench – May 2018

I was not as productive in May as I would have preferred. I had to travel quite a bit and was generally busy with my actual responsibilities! I still managed to get in a few nights of work. I tried out my new Zero Paints pink primer. I learned a little too late that “thinned …

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The Bench – April 2018

April was another busy month in my shop! I was able to finish the VW Golf, the ’69 Corvette and the Toyota Corolla TE27. I had finished the Golf, applied the decals and sprayed it in clear last month. This month, I finished all of the detail work and completed final assembly. The last thing …

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The Bench – March 2018

Wow! My idea for reigniting my drive to build worked better than I expected! I quickly hammered through the AMT 2012 Corvette build and made great progress on the Toyota Celica. Having reignited my motivation to build, I pulled out a few of the projects that have been lurking in the background for the past …

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The Bench – November 2017

Continuing my momentum into November, I was able to finish the 53 Chevy rework and nearly finish the 68 Vette. Last month, I finished modifying the front suspension and started working on the rear. Once the rear axle and links were complete, I made an exhaust using solder. After everything was built and painted, I …

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The Bench – October 2017

I managed to kick it into gear at the end of September and it really shows! I finished the Bug, 79 Camaro and 70 roadrunner. I finished all work on the bug except for the wheels last month. Several months earlier, I experimented with a color combination that I really liked, but executed it with …

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The Bench – June 2017

Progress through June was slower than I would prefer but I did make progress! I finished sanding and polishing the clear-coat on the 70 Roadrunner, 79 Camaro and 69 Corvette. Using my new best friend, the Molotow chrome pen, I was able to make quick work of detailing the bug’s head and tail lights.

The Bench – May 2017

As summer approached, the time I had to work in my shop dwindled. I still managed to move forward with chassis work in the ’53 Chevy and “hemi” charger. I sprayed clear coat over the decals on the Roadrunner and the Camaro. Not much of an update, but some progress is better than no progress!

The Bench – April 2017

Through April, I made progress on several kits. I finished the interiors for both the 70 GSX and the 70 Roadrunner. I will continue to sing my praises for the Molotow chrome pen! Using the 1 mm pen to pick out interior detail generates amazing results! With the interior completed, I was able to assemble …

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