The Bench – January 2017

I had a great sense of satisfaction having completed two long term projects as well by the end of 2016. I had hoped to finish my Buick GSX and Superbird by the end of the year but I realized that there was more to do than I had time. After celebrating the new year, I continued working on those two projects as well as made progress on my ’79 Camaro and ’53 Chevy. By the mid January, I finished the Superbird.

I manged to score a ’79 Camaro kit through Model Roundup. I really wanted a new set of clear windows and the t-top glass. I was determined to create a solid roof and I realized I couldn’t do it without the original pieces. I glued them in place and set the project aside.

I also continued working on modifying the chassis on the ’53 Chevy.

I also modified the rear suspension on the Buick to move the wheels to the center of the wheel openings.