1970 Dodge Coronet Super Bee – MPC – WIP

As a lifelong fan of Mopars, this Superbee was a must for my collection. This kit is another that I’ve tried to start a few times over the years and never got it rolling. I’ve decided to use a set of Fireball Modelworks wheels and tires and decided on a color for the build. I will be ordering Y9 Dark gold from Scalefinishes.

When I started prepping the body, I found that there are quite few minor issues. There aren’t many sink holes, but there are no panel where the fender meets the cowl. After a little research, I found that the shape is the same as other Dodges from the same era. I used my 70 GTX to create a pattern. The other problem I found is around the trunk. The shape of the rear quarters and the trunk is just off. I’ll try to resolve the rear part of the trunk with putty but the rest will be more than I want to tackle. I’m also not a fan of how the front grille and lower valence are one piece. Painting will be challenging.

Still…I’m looking forward to this build.