The Bench – February 2017

I had the sad opportunity to purchase a stash of kits at my local Hobbytown USA which closed this month. I worked for this shop, on and off, from 1994-2004. It was a part of my youth and I continued to shop until the end. I was able to purchase several kits, deeply discounted, in trade for some IT support while the owner prepared to close his doors.

Beyond that sad note, I did make small progress through the month. I made new axles for the bug that would hold the new wheels and modified the chassis tub to lower the suspension. A friend of mine tried to cast resin wheels which I would drill to use the larger VW bus wheels. The resin wheels weren’t going to work as I had hoped. My second plan was to find 1/32 slot car tires. More to come on that issues.

I also continue cutting away at the 53 Chevy chassis. Between the original kit and the spare parts kit, I hope to modify the chassis to make it look like it never had an exhaust molded in.

Lastly, I wired the engines for the 53 Chevy and Buick GSX.