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1937 Ford Sedan – Monogram – Rescue

The Kit Ebay is a dangerous place! I set up a search for “Junkyard” listings. For the most part, it’s random parts, overpriced kits, sets…

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2006 Mustang GT – Revell

The Gamble This kit was part of an eBay listing that was more or less a gamble. At $20 shipped, I picked up 4 kits…

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1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 – Monogram – Rework

Project Introduction It’s interesting how tastes change over time. When I built this in the early 2000’s, I settled on the gunmetal trim theme that…

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1989 Ford Probe GT – AMT

AMT’s Ford Probe GT You’re building a what? Yeah, this is not a typical build for me. In fact, had I not received it as…

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1940 Ford – AMT – Rescue

While I was at a local model/toy swap meet, I picked this up this model. I had been thinking about a restoring an unloved/glue-bomb model…

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32 Ford Highboy – Monogram – Rework

Rework Plans I simply can’t stop finding ways to rework old kits. On the surface, this kit turned out very well. Check out the work…

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1955 Ford Rat F100 – Monogram

Here is a truck that started out life as a parts donor. My friend Greg bought it for the the wheels for another project. I believe…

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1929 Ford Rat Truck – Revell

Building “rat” cars, without the extra patina, is pretty easy.  Flat paint jobs and minimal body work.  This truck is a Rat-Rod kit so it…

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1932 Ford Highboy – Revell/Monogram

Building old custom hot rods, even box stock is an exercise in patience.  There are many parts that have to be painted body color.  I…

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Lincoln Continental – AMT

My friend started this project and left it behind for my to finish.  I finished this projects along side the Mini.  The Lincoln  was customized…

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1970 Ford Boss 302 Mustang – Monogram

When I originally built this mustang, I opted to paint every chrome part a dark gunmetal.  It made for a sinister looking mustang along with…

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1955 Ford F100 – Monogram

Built mostly box stock. The only modification was smoothing out the details on the hood.  The body of a kit like this is made up…

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