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1939 Chevy Coupe – Monogram – Rework

Oh boy I can’t seem to help myself when it comes to rework projects. I finished this kit in 1996. I did minor detail shaving…

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1966 Chevy Chevelle Wagon – Revell

Project Overview Here is a project I almost started more times than I can count. I can go through my project pictures and see where…

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Corvette 1969 No. 2 – Monogram

Quick Build ’69 Corvette Wait, didn’t I just finish a Monogram ’69 Corvette? Yes. Yes I did. I don’t tend to build the same or…

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1969 Corvette – Monogram

Long ago, in my early years of working at a local hobby shop, a friend of my brother’s stopped in and asked what model my…

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2012 Corvette Coupe – AMT

I picked up this kit from Hobbylinc for less than $7. Why not? I wanted a C6 Vette for my collection. It is a basic…

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1953 Chevy – Monogram – Rework

I always like they way this project turned out. It was my second custom project, after my ’39 Chevy. From what I remember of the…

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1979 Z28 Camaro – Revell

I originally built this kit some time in the early 90’s. There was a little paint work done with paint markers but otherwise, it was…

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1970 Buick GSX – Monogram

I have to start this by saying this isn’t one of my favorite cars. I honestly don’t know why I bought it back in the…

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1965 Corvette – Monogram – Rework

Long before I started using an air brush I built this Corvette.  It’s hard to imagine since I’ve been using proper tools to build models…

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Opel GT – AMT

The Opel GT was fun car from the 70’s that was an economical and sporty alternative to the muscle cars of the day.  My dad…

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1969 Pontiac GTO – Monogram

This was a fairly standard build.  I shaved the door handles and smoothed out a few things on the body.  Nothing radical. I opted to do…

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1939 Chevy – Monogram

This was a kit that I built in 1996.  It was my first attempt at a “custom”.  I had shaved a bit of trim and…

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1966 Pontiac GTO

This was a simple build.  The color is a Pactra RC silver tinted with black.  I started doing more wheel details with this model and…

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1990’s Chevy SS454 Pick-up

Assumed lost, this kit hid in the shadows for a number of years before I accidentally found it.  A friend of mine had started it…

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1966 Gray Chevy Malibu – Monogram

This restoration was of a kit I built in ’93.  I used a really cheap airbrush to try my hand at painting the entire body. …

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