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2006 Dodge Magnum

The Kit While watching a build videos from The Scale Modeler on Youtube, I saw that he build this kit. I then remembered how much…

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2006 Mustang GT – Revell

The Gamble This kit was part of an eBay listing that was more or less a gamble. At $20 shipped, I picked up 4 kits…

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1966 Chevy Chevelle Wagon – Revell

Project Overview Here is a project I almost started more times than I can count. I can go through my project pictures and see where…

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1970 Ford Torino GT – Revell – WIP

Growing up a Mopar guy, I wasn’t a fan of Fords. Over the years, I’ve become accepting of all manufacturers. With an open mind, I…

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1/18 Scale Diecast F&F Civic – Revell

What was supposed to be an easy project, that started back in 2005, turned into a very long, often stagnant build.  I wanted to build…

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1929 Ford Rat Truck – Revell

Building “rat” cars, without the extra patina, is pretty easy.  Flat paint jobs and minimal body work.  This truck is a Rat-Rod kit so it…

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Fast & Furious Civic Coupe

Another cheater project.  I had been sitting on this project for a while.  I didn’t care for the body kit or wing but it was…

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Datsun 510 – Revell

My intention with this kit was to tear through it quickly.  My inspiration came from pictures of a 510 wagon I found online.  I managed…

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1932 Ford Highboy – Revell/Monogram

Building old custom hot rods, even box stock is an exercise in patience.  There are many parts that have to be painted body color.  I…

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1966 Pontiac GTO

This was a simple build.  The color is a Pactra RC silver tinted with black.  I started doing more wheel details with this model and…

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Acura Integra Type R – Revell

My brother used to have a ’95 Acura Integra.  He always talked about wanting to paint it either a dark green metallic or black with…

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1968 Bullitt Charger – Revell

This is cheating!  It is a die cast kit.  I scrapped the nasty stock wheels and used wheels and tires from another Charger kit.  I…

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1967 Dodge Coronet – Revell

After my first attempt at spraying this color was unsuccessful, I had to buy another kit and start over. I used white as the primer…

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1970 Plymouth AAR Cuda – Revell

Having been built box stock, there isn’t much to say about this kit.  I added plugs wires to the engine and painted it Boyd’s Orange….

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1967 Plymouth GTX – Revell

This model was built along side the 70 GTX and the Ferrari 512 TR.  This Plymouth represents one of many Mopar cars that look like…

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