Posted in 2018 Completed Projects Ford

32 Ford Highboy – Monogram – Rework

Rework Plans I simply can’t stop finding ways to rework old kits. On the surface, this kit turned out very well. Check out the work…

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Posted in 2017 Completed Projects GM

1953 Chevy – Monogram – Rework

I always like they way this project turned out. It was my second custom project, after my ’39 Chevy. From what I remember of the…

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Posted in 2017 Completed Projects GM

1979 Z28 Camaro – Revell

I originally built this kit some time in the early 90’s. There was a little paint work done with paint markers but otherwise, it was…

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Posted in 2015 Completed Projects GM

1965 Corvette – Monogram – Rework

Long before I started using an air brush I built this Corvette.  It’s hard to imagine since I’ve been using proper tools to build models…

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Posted in 1997 2014 Completed Projects Mopar/Dodge/Plymouth

1970 Dodge Challenger – Monogram

Originally, this model was a combination of two kits. I added a front suspension and rear axle from a 1970 GTX as well as the…

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Posted in 2014 Completed Projects Mopar/Dodge/Plymouth

1971 Plymouth GTX Rework – Monogram

Justifying the rework After I reworked my ’71 ‘Cuda I started to take a look at some of the other kits.  The main premise of…

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Posted in 1999 2012 Completed Projects Honda/Acura

Honda Civic EG Hatch – The First One – Hasagawa

Black sheep…that is how I would describe this kit.  I originally built this model in 1999.  It was technically never finished because of a lost…

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Posted in 2001 2012 Completed Projects Mopar/Dodge/Plymouth

1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda – Monogram

This kit was originally finished in 2001.  When I finished it, I threw on a set of parts box wheels with the intent on preparing…

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Posted in 2012 Completed Projects Contest Winners VW

1966 VW Beetle – Rework – Tamiya

Fundamentally, there was nothing wrong with this kit.  It turned out really well.  As with most restoration and rebuild projects, I will find a way…

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Posted in 2001 2008 Completed Projects Honda/Acura

Honda S2000 – Tamiya

Originally, this kit was built in 2001.  I reworked it slightly to give it to my mom as a gift.  Her 1:1 S2000 has a…

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Posted in 1996 2008 Completed Projects Contest Winners GM

1939 Chevy – Monogram

This was a kit that I built in 1996.  It was my first attempt at a “custom”.  I had shaved a bit of trim and…

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Posted in 2007 Completed Projects Porsche

Porsche 356

There is no way for me to figure out when I built this originally.  I was a kid and documenting model building wasn’t something I…

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Posted in 2007 Completed Projects GM

1966 Gray Chevy Malibu – Monogram

This restoration was of a kit I built in ’93.  I used a really cheap airbrush to try my hand at painting the entire body. …

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Posted in 2005 Completed Projects GM

1966 Blue Chevy Malibu – Monogram

The original build was completed some time in the early 90’s.  It was before I really started painting.  I used paint markers to do the…

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