1939 Chevy – Monogram

This was a kit that I built in 1996.  It was my first attempt at a “custom”.  I had shaved a bit of trim and in the process, ended up losing the door lines.  I was never really happy with the way it turned out so I decided to rebuild it. 

The comparison shot reveals most of the changes.  I used ’65 Corvette wheels.  I chopped the suspension as far as it would go.  I then cut out the pillar creating a “coupe”.  I also cut out the bar in the front window.  Using body filler, I filled in all of the trim around the windows to make a very clean edge.  I also scribed door lines which go well with the pillar-less look.  The color is a “flip flop” that we carried at the hobby shop several years ago.

The final result is much better than I had hoped.  The color is perfect and the lines are super clean.

Originally built:  1996
Reworked:  October 2008