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Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA – Tamiya – WIP

The first time I saw one of these Alpha’s was during a commercial for XM radio back in the early 2000’s. I bought this kit…

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Posted in 2018 Completed Projects VW

MKI VW Golf Racecar – Tamiya

Bravery. That’s what it took to build this kit. It didn’t come right away but eventually, I pulled it together and hammered out the complex…

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Ferrari F40 – Tamiya – WIP

The Ferrari F40 is by far one of my favorite cars. As everyone likes to point out, this car represents Enzo Ferrari’s final effort before…

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Posted in 2016 Completed Projects Honda/Acura

Honda CRX 1st Gen – Tamiya

When I visit other cities, I always try to visit a local hobby shop. While in Vancouver, I found a fun little shop and while…

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Posted in 2015 Completed Projects Subaru

Subaru WRX STi – Tamiya

I’m hoping to tear through this kit quickly.  It is a simple curb side kit with the only real challenge being the detail work necessary…

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Posted in 2012 Completed Projects Honda/Acura

NATCC Honda Accord – Tamiya

With my other kits nearing completion, at the time, it was time to crack open a few new kits. Many years ago, I bought two…

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Fiat Abarth 695 esse esse – Tamiya

Luigi from the movie Car’s was a Fiat very similar to this kit.  The likeness is why I wanted to build it!  I shaved quite…

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Toyota MKIV Supra Turbo – Tamiya

I love 90’s Japanese sports cars and the MKIV Supra is no exception. For whatever reason, when I started building this kit, I started with the…

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Posted in 2012 Completed Projects Honda/Acura

Honda S2000 #2 – Tamiya

I honestly couldn’t tell you why I bought a second S2000 kit when I did, but it worked out that I could give my mom…

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1966 VW Beetle – Rework – Tamiya

Fundamentally, there was nothing wrong with this kit.  It turned out really well.  As with most restoration and rebuild projects, I will find a way…

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Posted in 2009 Completed Projects Toyota

Toyota MKIII Supra Turbo – Tamiya

Many years ago, I really wanted a 1:1 of this car and almost bought one before I came to my senses!  Building a model of…

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Posted in 2001 2008 Completed Projects Honda/Acura

Honda S2000 – Tamiya

Originally, this kit was built in 2001.  I reworked it slightly to give it to my mom as a gift.  Her 1:1 S2000 has a…

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Posted in 2008 Completed Projects Mazda

Mazda FD3S RX7 – Tamiya

Pretty standard build.  I shaved the side turn signals.  They were too hard to detail properly so I shaved them.  I didn’t use the wing…

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Posted in 2007 Completed Projects Nissan/Datsun

Nissan Skyline GTR 2000 – Tamiya

I built this kit about 99% box stock.  I used Tamiya’s silver which looks great, but was a huge pain to paint.  The silver was…

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Posted in 2007 Completed Projects VW

1966 VW Beetle – Tamiya

This kit is very shaved.  I shaved just about everything other than the head lights and tail lights!  All of this work created a very…

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