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The Bench – January-February 2020

Takin’ a break After finishing the last build of the year, I decided to tackle a few other side projects before I dug back into…

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The Bench, December 2020

I did it! I beat last year’s record builds! Fifteen builds vs last year’s eleven. Sure, the pandemic helped, but I also took on other…

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1/64th Diecast – 2020 Builds

A question I ask myself is whether to consider a 1/64th scale build a “full” build or part of a build. If I did my…

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The Bench – November 2020

Screaming towards the goal! I managed to complete four more builds through the month. At this pace, I will crush my record number of builds…

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1957 Corvette – Monogram – Rescue

The kit This kit was part of a lot that I bought on Ebay. Interestingly, looking back at the lot, which included a couple of…

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Concept Camaro – Revell

The Build Years ago, I bought this kit for spare parts. My son needed a set of wheels to replace the ones he broke. I…

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Cozy Coupe – Zoomon

Pint sized Most people will recognize the Cozy Coupe. While ordering accessories from Zoomon Models I noticed their resin modified cozy coupe! I had to…

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1970 Dodge Challenger T/A – Monogram

Nostalgia While perusing through “junkyard” Ebay search, I found this Challenger kit. On the surface, it is nothing remarkable. However, this kit takes me back…

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1965 Buick Riviera – AMT – Rescue

The Kit For those that attend model swap meets, you know those bags of trashed model kits sellers keep under their tables? This is where…

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1991 Pontiac Grand Prix Turbo – Revell – Rescue

Why not? I’ve been picking up “rad-era” cars simply because they are now cool! I found this at a local swap meet for $5. You…

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The Bench – October 2020

Now that the building ball is rolling, I really started to make progress on all of my builds including the distraction builds I started! The…

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1982 Dodge “Hemi” Charger – MPC

You may say, there was no such thing as a 1982 Dodge Hemi Charger.  That’s true, but it doesn’t mean I can’t build it that…

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The Bench – September 2020

Back on the horse. Although August was slow, the work completed helped my motivation. Also, added a new project as a distraction from the difficult…

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The Bench – August 2020

Slowdown Having wrapped up several builds in July, I found myself with no projects near completion and waning motivation to moving again. As I contemplated…

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The Bench – July 2020

And across the line! July was a really big month! My persistence through the beginning of the year paid off and I was able to…

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