1939 Chevy Coupe – Monogram – Rework

Oh boy I can't seem to help myself when it comes to rework projects. I finished this kit in 1996. I did minor detail shaving and during the process, I decided to fill in the door panel lines. Don't ask my why because I can't remember. As much as I loved it early on, over time I really felt that … Continue reading

The Bench – July 2019

Dodge Magnum I decided to start building my '06 Magnum kit. Earlier in the year, I pulled it out and figured out which wheels I would use. I had also started prepping parts by removing mold lines. Now it was time to primer all of the parts! Nearly all of the parts for the Magnum are … Continue reading

The Bench – June 2019

F40 Finally! The F40 is done! After 12 years of starts, stops and generally avoiding this build, it is done. In May, I finished sanding and polishing the body and completed most of the detail work. Through June, I wrapped up the final details and completed the build. While painting the … Continue reading

Ferrari F40 – Tamiya

The Ferrari F40 is by far one of my favorite cars. As everyone likes to point out, this car represents Enzo Ferrari's final effort before he passed away. I'm also pleased to share that I had a chance to ride in one on a race track! What a ride! Project Introduction: September 2007 I started … Continue reading

2006 Mustang GT – Revell

The Gamble This kit was part of an eBay listing that was more or less a gamble. At $20 shipped, I picked up 4 kits in various states of build and there was no guarantee they were complete. Two of the four kits were garbage, one was completely un-built and then there is this Mustang. I wanted … Continue reading