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1957 Corvette – Monogram – Rescue

The kit This kit was part of a lot that I bought on Ebay. Interestingly, looking back at the lot, which included a couple of…

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2001 Corvette Z06 – Revell

Another one? Yes, I just finished an identical kit last year. The 2004 Championship Edition Z06. It was a challenging build that I really didn’t…

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2004 Corvette Z06 – Revell

For the love of Corvettes Over the past few years, I’ve really grown to appreciate Corvettes. At this time, the C5 Z06 is one of…

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1969 Corvette – Monogram

Long ago, in my early years of working at a local hobby shop, a friend of my brother’s stopped in and asked what model my…

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1965 Corvette – Monogram – Rework

Long before I started using an air brush I built this Corvette.  It’s hard to imagine since I’ve been using proper tools to build models…

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