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1965 Buick Riviera – AMT – Rescue

The Kit For those that attend model swap meets, you know those bags of trashed model kits sellers keep under their tables? This is where…

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1982 Dodge “Hemi” Charger – MPC

You may say, there was no such thing as a 1982 Dodge Hemi Charger.  That’s true, but it doesn’t mean I can’t build it that…

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1989 Ford Probe GT – AMT

AMT’s Ford Probe GT You’re building a what? Yeah, this is not a typical build for me. In fact, had I not received it as…

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1940 Ford – AMT – Rescue

While I was at a local model/toy swap meet, I picked this up this model. I had been thinking about a restoring an unloved/glue-bomb model…

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2012 Corvette Coupe – AMT

I picked up this kit from Hobbylinc for less than $7. Why not? I wanted a C6 Vette for my collection. It is a basic…

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1982 Shelby Dodge Charger – MPC

Compared to the Chargers of the muscle car era, this one doesn’t quite live up to it’s name.  However, during it’s time, performance was quite…

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Opel GT – AMT

The Opel GT was fun car from the 70’s that was an economical and sporty alternative to the muscle cars of the day.  My dad…

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Lincoln Continental – AMT

My friend started this project and left it behind for my to finish.  I finished this projects along side the Mini.  The Lincoln  was customized…

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