1982 Dodge “Hemi” Charger – MPC

You may say, there was no such thing as a 1982 Dodge Hemi Charger.  That’s true, but it doesn’t mean I can’t build it that way!  Pure kitbashing fun with this one.

I recently finished building an identical Charger.  When I discovered this kit, I wanted to build one that resembled the 1:1 that my dad owned.  I bought two so I could build one for myself.  After having struggled through the entire build, I didn’t want to subject myself to the same difficulties on the second kit.  Rather than trash the kit, I decided that it needed a V8.  I’m not going to try for functional accuracy but I wanted to get close.  I pulled a 440 V8 from my spares and found out that it fit in the bay without having to hack the firewall.  I would need to create a tunnel to make it fit under the car but I wasn’t worried about that.  Then I thought that if I’m going to convert this Charger to a RWD V8, that it needed a Hemi.  I had a spare one built and tried it out.  FULL DISCLOSURE:  The V8 is from one of Revell’s 1:25 scale Mopars.  This Charger is 1:25 scale.  I have a feeling that the same scale Hemi wouldn’t fit.

Now that I knew what I was going to use, I started to make it fit.  For the transmission tunnel, I cut the piece from a leftover ’70 GTX interior tub.  It gives me the shape I need and a center console that looks right for the interior.

To date, I’ve cut the chassis, gas tank and spare tire well in the chassis and fitted the GTX tunnel into the interior.  I also realized that the alternative bumper for this kit had the correct upper portion that resembles the 2.2 Charger.  Using the trim along the middle of the bumper, I separated both the modified bumper and Shelby to make a hybrid 2.2 bumper with a Shelby lower half.  If only I had thought of doing this for kit I build for my dad.

The Opel kit that I built had a rear axle that was a modified version that was an alternative to the stock axle.  The “drag” axle is going to work well only requiring a little bit of modification to fit.  I’ve already removed the spare tire well and gas tank and need to create panels to clean up the rear portion of the chassis.  Once I do more test fitting, I may need to graft in the rear portion of a RWD chassis to make everything fit.

The kit will be finished off with a set of 19″ Pegasus wheels.

Donor Parts/Kits

  • Opel GT rear axle
  • Dodge D100 gas tank
  • 69 Camaro front subframe and suspension
  • 66 Charger complete hemi
  • 70 GTX interior transmission tunnel
  • 70 GTX muffler
  • 70 GTX Shifter
  • 55 Ford rear shock/springs
  • Unknown – Recaro seats, radiator and electric fan