Fast & Furious Civic Coupe

Another cheater project.  I had been sitting on this project for a while.  I didn't care for the body kit or wing but it was the only way I was going to get a Civic Coupe like the 1:1 version that I had.  I painted the interior, painted the window trim and tinted them.  I detail painted the … Continue reading

Mazda FC3S RX7 – Fujimi

This was a kit that at one point in time was a motorized model kit.  The side effect of this option is a poorly detailed chassis.  It bothered me enough that I never thought I would do anything with this kit.  I had completed most of the body work and painted it flat black and just let it sit.  … Continue reading

Datsun 510 – Revell

My intention with this kit was to tear through it quickly.  My inspiration came from pictures of a 510 wagon I found online.  I managed to start and complete this kit in one week!  A major factor in the quick completion came from the fact that I elected to finish the kit  satin/flat army green … Continue reading