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1/18 Scale Diecast F&F Civic – Revell

What was supposed to be an easy project, that started back in 2005, turned into a very long, often stagnant build.  I wanted to build…

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Honda Civic EG Hatch – The First One – Hasagawa

Black sheep…that is how I would describe this kit.  I originally built this model in 1999.  It was technically never finished because of a lost…

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Honda Glasstop CRX – Fujimi

This is a glass top CRX which had it’s delicate roof caved in during shipping from Hong Kong.  I was able to mend the break. …

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Honda EG Civic Hatchback – Hasegawa

This kit was painted using the leftover red paint I used to paint the fenders of my 1:1 Civic.  I opted to shave the door…

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Fast & Furious Civic Coupe

Another cheater project.  I had been sitting on this project for a while.  I didn’t care for the body kit or wing but it was…

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Honda EK Civic – Fujimi

My original intention was to order a Civic similar to the one I drove. I ordered this out of a catalog without pictures and ended…

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