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1/64th Diecast – 2020 Builds

A question I ask myself is whether to consider a 1/64th scale build a “full” build or part of a build. If I did my…

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1/18 Scale Diecast F&F Civic – Revell

What was supposed to be an easy project, that started back in 2005, turned into a very long, often stagnant build.  I wanted to build…

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1/64 Muscle Machine Collection

Just a quick and casual cell phone picture of the bulk of my 1/64 scale Muscle Machine machines as well as Jada and other brands.

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Fast & Furious Civic Coupe

Another cheater project.  I had been sitting on this project for a while.  I didn’t care for the body kit or wing but it was…

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My brother-in-law works with a guy that customizes diecast models.  The owner of this bus asked if I could resolve some paint issues that kept…

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1968 Bullitt Charger – Revell

This is cheating!  It is a die cast kit.  I scrapped the nasty stock wheels and used wheels and tires from another Charger kit.  I…

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