1/32 Scale Mazda FD3S RX7 – Fujimi

Several years ago, I bought a set of  four Fujimi Initial D kits from an auction on eBay.  They looked like they would make for quick fun builds.  Once I dug into the, I discovered that the bodies were molded as one piece with no separate pieces for lights or other smaller details.  The kits … Continue reading

1966 VW Beetle – Rework – Tamiya

Fundamentally, there was nothing wrong with this kit.  It turned out really well.  As with most restoration and rebuild projects, I will find a way to make it even better.  My original intention with this kit was to detail paint the wheels.  Since the wheels were glued in place, I was gong to … Continue reading

The Bench – 2007

After a slow year in 2006, I came back and finished quite a few kits.  I also started another small batch. Finished this year: Grey 1966 Chevy Malibu Rework USDM Acura Integra Type R 1966 Bug 1993 Prelude 1/32 Scale FD3S RX7 356 Porsche Rework Skyline GTR 2000 I started … Continue reading

Nissan Skyline GTR 2000 – Tamiya

I built this kit about 99% box stock.  I used Tamiya's silver which looks great, but was a huge pain to paint.  The silver was the easy part, but it left a very rough finish.  I sprayed it with a few coats of clear, let it cure, sanded it smooth and then sprayed it with clear again.  It turned … Continue reading

Porsche 356

There is no way for me to figure out when I built this originally.  I was a kid and documenting model building wasn't something I thought to do.  Youth... It was a glue monster.  I repainted it a few years later, and then a few years later, and it looked "better" and I use the term loosely.  It … Continue reading