1/32 Scale Mazda FD3S RX7 – Fujimi

Several years ago, I bought a set of  four Fujimi Initial D kits from an auction on eBay.  They looked like they would make for quick fun builds.  Once I dug into the, I discovered that the bodies were molded as one piece with no separate pieces for lights or other smaller details.  The kits included crude stick-on decals that roughly represented the lights.  I was fairly disappointed with the kits and elected to only finish the FD RX7 since it seemed to suffer the least from the detailed lighting issue.

I originally finished this kit in 2007 and recently chose to add more detail once I had a renewed interest in finishing two of the other kits.  I highlighted the indicators with bare metal foil and Tamiya clear paint.  I also painted the front lip spoiler and grill along with detail painting the wheels.  I also “lowered” the kit by clipping the chassis above the mounting tabs and gave the tires clearance by grinding the inside of the wheel wells.  I finished it off with an aluminum tube exhaust tip.

Completed: 2007
Minor Rework: 2014