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Toyota TE27 Levin Corolla – Fujimi

I love old Japanese cars. That was my motivation for buying this kit. Since it is a curbside, I’m planning on a quick build. Originally,…

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1/32 Scale Toyota AE86 – Fujimi

Several years ago, I picked up a set of four 1/32 Fujimi Initial D kits.  After I finished theFD3S RX7, I decided that I was never…

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Toyota MKIV Supra Turbo – Tamiya

I love 90’s Japanese sports cars and the MKIV Supra is no exception. For whatever reason, when I started building this kit, I started with the…

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Toyota MKIII Supra Turbo – Tamiya

Many years ago, I really wanted a 1:1 of this car and almost bought one before I came to my senses!  Building a model of…

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