Toyota MKIV Supra Turbo – Tamiya

Normally, I shave the wing off of kits because they look smoother without them, however it didn’t seem right to leave it off.  I decided to use the wing on this kit.  It was built mostly box stock other than the removal of some very ugly door handles and other small details. 

When I dusted off this kit to continue what I had started a few years earlier, I decided to start doing more chassis detailing. Normally, I would spray the underside flat black and be done with it.  I started with the body color and then picked out the details with satin black.  The addition of the suspension and exhaust really help the chassis stand out. 

Continuing with the theme of adding more detail, I decided to add some color to the interior.  I painted the door cards and seat inserts body color.  I followed the body color with satin clear to give it a more cloth like appearance. 

Under the hood, I picked out as much detail as I could on the engine as well as the engine bay. 

The finished product is really sharp!

Completed:  August 2012