Fiat Abarth 695 esse esse – Tamiya

Luigi from the movie Car’s was a Fiat very similar to this kit.  The likeness is why I wanted to build it!  I shaved quite a bit of trim off of this kit giving it a cleaner look.  I botched the original decals for the sides and since the kit was discontinued, at the time, I wasn’t able to order a new decal sheet.  I still wanted the red stripes and medium blue alone would be a little boring.  I decided to mask the body and sprayed the stripes.

The rest of the kit was finished without much hassle.  I had an issue with the clearcoat on the engine hatch that cost me a bit of detail but overall it turned out great. 

Also, notice the difference the use of a blackwash makes on the wheels. 

Completed:  August 2012