The Bench – November 2015

I’m happy to say that I’ve been fairly productive this month! I was able to finish the ’65 Corvette and 928 Porsche projects.  I was made progress on the ’68 Corvette. I finished detailing the engine including plug wires as well as set the ride height and attach the suspension. Wrapping up the month, I finished …

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The Bench – October 2015

Bringing projects closer to completion always motivates me to work harder! Having finished sanding and polishing the ’65 Vette, S15, WRX and 928, I was able to focus on detail work. Trim was painted, windows painted and installed, as well as headlight and tail lights detailed painted. I also realized that there was a model …

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The Bench – September 2015

With most of the paint work complete on the WRX, 928, S15 and ’65 Vette, I focused on sanding and polishing. I also continued working on detail parts for most of the active projects. I made a great deal of progress on the 928 bringing it closer to a finished model.

The Bench – August 2015

Through August, I continue to make progress on the ’65 Vette, 928 Porsche, WRX STi, and Golf. All but the Golf are in clear coat. I worked towards completing sanding and polishing the clear on all of the kits.

The Bench – June 2015

After I stripped the paint on the ’70 roadrunner in February, I really lost the drive to work on any projects. Still, I was feeling the draw and finally got back into it at the end of May. I decided to push myself to work on the 928.  I started with some of the simpler …

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The Bench – January 2015

The beginning of the year usually follows my push in December to finish projects.  I develop a momentum and try to keep it going as long as I can.  After wrapping up a few reworks in December, I dug back into my long running projects. The 928 and Hemi charger have moved forward.  The ’82 …

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