The Bench – December 2015

Having wrapped up a few projects, I started attacking the VW bus. I started that project in 2007 and having figured out how I wanted to paint it, I really wanted to hammer it out. For the most part, the paint work was going well until a mishap to the green paint when I pulled off the masking, it slipped out of my hand and landed on the still solidifying paint. The mistake led to a series of mistakes that resulted in the bus going in for a dip in the degreaser to strip the paint.

My yearly goal is to try and finish five kits a year and I was on task to finish the bus until I wrecked the paint. With that out of the running, and my motivation crushed due to the mistake, I turned a small project where I re-lit an old Christmas ornament with multi-color flashing LED’s. After picking my power source voltage and calculating the correct resisters, I went to work and wrapped it up quickly.

Once I finished the ornament, I started working on my hemi Charger project. I cut out the rest of the chassis pan and created patch panels. I also worked on straightening out a bit of bow in the body using brass strips and my dehydrator. It worked out relatively well.

I wrapped up the year by finishing an old ’55 Ford F100 truck that was built out of spare parts over a decade ago. I had thought to strip it and paint it pearl lime green, but after I realized that I couldn’t pull the bed apart without destroying it, I decided to do a quick rat build. I think I spent about three days on it and it was done. I’m really happy with the way it turned out even though it is a hodge podge of spare parts.

Models completed this year: