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1/32 Scale S13 Sileighty – Fujimi

I can honestly say that I never intended to build this kit.  In my write ups for the other three 1/32 scale Initial D cars…

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The Bench – 2nd Half of 2014

After July, my progress ground to a halt.  Too many other projects and obligations took priority over building models.  That’s just how things work out sometimes….

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1970 Dodge Challenger – Monogram

Originally, this model was a combination of two kits. I added a front suspension and rear axle from a 1970 GTX as well as the…

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1971 Plymouth GTX Rework – Monogram

Justifying the rework After I reworked my ’71 ‘Cuda I started to take a look at some of the other kits.  The main premise of…

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The Bench – July 2014

During July, I pushed to wrap up a few projects.  Although I only finished reassembling the ’69 Camaro, I was able to make great progress…

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June 2014

I recently finished my ’82 Charger kit and just in time for Father’s day.  The Opel and The Charger are gifts for my dad.  Due…

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1982 Shelby Dodge Charger – MPC

Compared to the Chargers of the muscle car era, this one doesn’t quite live up to it’s name.  However, during it’s time, performance was quite…

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The Bench, May 2014

With the Opel and the 1/32 scale cars finished, and the ’82 Charger nearing completion, I’m starting to feel the itch to start more projects….

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Opel GT – AMT

The Opel GT was fun car from the 70’s that was an economical and sporty alternative to the muscle cars of the day.  My dad…

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Mazda RX3 – Fujimi

The kit is painted a flat dark blue and is sealed with satin clear.  I found a picture of a similar era Toyota painted the…

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1/32 Scale Toyota AE86 – Fujimi

Several years ago, I picked up a set of four 1/32 Fujimi Initial D kits.  After I finished theFD3S RX7, I decided that I was never…

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