The Bench – 2nd Half of 2014

After July, my progress ground to a halt.  Too many other projects and obligations took priority over building models.  That’s just how things work out sometimes.  Even with the limited time for work, I was able to wrap up a few projects and make some progress on others.

I finished up the year by completing my ’71 GTX rework as well as the ’70 Challenger rework.  I decided to build a new interior for the Challenger.  The extra detail was worth the effort.  I was also pleased to start moving forward with the VW bus, a project I started in 2005 and set aside.  I also elected to finish the final 1/32 kit (Nissan S13 Sileighty) that I had never intended to finish. I had been using it as an airbrush spray test and it was covered in some unknown layers of paint.  Using the Castrol degreaser, I was able to strip it down to bare plastic and paint it right. It wasn’t my favorite of the set of four, but the detail work I did on the lights turned out the best.  I only wished I had thought to use a sharpie to outline the lens detail prior to painting.  I could strip them and start over….

Models completed in 2014:

1/32 Scale Toyota AE86
Mazda RX3
Opel GT
1982 Dodge Shelby Charger
1971 Plymouth GTX Rework
1970 Dodge Challenger Rework
1/32 Scale Nissan S13 Silvia