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1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda – Monogram

This kit was originally finished in 2001.  When I finished it, I threw on a set of parts box wheels with the intent on preparing…

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Honda S2000 – Tamiya

Originally, this kit was built in 2001.  I reworked it slightly to give it to my mom as a gift.  Her 1:1 S2000 has a…

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1969 Dodge Superbee – Monogram

This kit was built to replace one that I built as a kid.  I think I tried to lower the front suspension by grinding away…

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1969 Dodge Dart – Revell

Built box stock, I really like the way this one turned out.  I used the aftermarket wheels that came with the kit. Completed: 2001

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1967 Dodge Coronet – Revell

After my first attempt at spraying this color was unsuccessful, I had to buy another kit and start over. I used white as the primer…

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Honda EK Civic – Fujimi

My original intention was to order a Civic similar to the one I drove. I ordered this out of a catalog without pictures and ended…

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