1969 Dodge Superbee – Monogram

This kit was built to replace one that I built as a kid.  I think I tried to lower the front suspension by grinding away at the k-member but I couldn’t be sure. Beyond that, I added plug wires and a set of wheels from another kit.

In 2012, I pulled this kit off the shelf to freshen it up with more detail.  I repainted the engine and added new plug wires which are installed as they should be compared to the 1:1 version.  I also painted a set of Ralley wheels and raised white lettering. I also had to grind a bit of the chassis to make it fit right.  Until the rework, I never noticed that the all of the wheels were pushed forward.

Overall, the extra detail really made this kit stand out compared to the earlier work. 

Completed: 2001
Minor Rework: 2012