The Bench, May 2014

With the Opel and the 1/32 scale cars finished, and the ’82 Charger nearing completion, I’m starting to feel the itch to start more projects. What I really need to do is finish the active projects, but I can’t help myself.

I pulled two ’70 challengers out of my case with the intention of fixing the botched combination of 70 Roadrunner parts on the 70 Challenger. The white challenger is receiving the engine chassis and suspension from the unpainted red one. Adding the properly detailed rally wheels made a huge difference in the look.

I also wanted to use the tunnel ram and scoop from the red kit but had a heavily painted hood. After discovering that ELO is no longer made, I decided to try brake fluid as a paint stripper. It worked like a charm! It doesn’t seem to work well on flat paints, but the gloss and decals came off after soaking for two days.