Nissan S15 Silvia – Aoshima

I bought this kit to compliment the S13 and S14 kits I’ve already built. Since this model was a curb-side, I knew I could finish it quickly.  I would have preferred to build this as a more subtle version of the car without the ground effects. Alas, the kit did not include a simple front bumper.

The most complicated part of the entire build involved the rear wing which is comprised of 5 parts. The assembly itself wasn’t difficult however attaching it to the body without making a mess was going to be the challenge due to the fact that the body did not have any locating marks for the wing. Prior to paint, I taped the wing in place. Once I aligned it properly, I used a fine tip marker and outlined the mounts. I removed the wing and drilled small holes in the center of each marking. I then set the wing back in place and drilled through the hole in the body and into the wing mounts. Next I glued pins into the new holds in the wing. Once the paint was complete, I set the wing in place and glued the pins from the underside.

Beyond the wing, the rest of the kit went together flawlessly. The working suspension is a nice idea however the alignment of the wheels tends to wander which a bit. I may elect to glue the suspension in place. The separate hood is a nice idea for anyone planning on adding an engine bay and engine.  The headlight lenses were a tight fit but after massaging them a bit with a sanding stick, they fit well.

Due to a lack of creativity, I painted this kit exactly like the box art. Even then, I’m very happy with the finished model.

Completed: October 2015