The Bench – October 2015

Bringing projects closer to completion always motivates me to work harder! Having finished sanding and polishing the ’65 Vette, S15, WRX and 928, I was able to focus on detail work. Trim was painted, windows painted and installed, as well as headlight and tail lights detailed painted. I also realized that there was a model contest at my local Hobbytown USA and decided that I wanted a newly completed model for entry. I had hoped to finish my 928 since it is a project that has been in the works for a few years but I ran into a snag regarding tail light masking. The WRX is also almost finished however there is complicated masking necessary to finish the dash properly. In the end, I realized the S15 Silvia was the closest to completion. I had to finish assembling the lighting, apply decals and install the exhaust. I wrapped it up the night before the contest. I was pleased to tie for first place!