Honda Glasstop CRX – Fujimi

This is a glass top CRX which had it’s delicate roof caved in during shipping from Hong Kong.  I was able to mend the break.  I also decided to shave the door handles and gas filler cap.  I strongly felt that they were too big on the car.  “not to scale” I’m very pleased with the end result of this kit.  The wheels turned out better than I had hoped and the repair to the damaged roof held up well.  The detail work that I completed on the trim and the roof glass have also turned out better than I had hoped.  I tinted the glass roof and the rest of the glass including the lower rear glass. I lowered the kit by utilizing metal axles.  In the rear, I was able to create a vertical slot that allowed me to adjust the height.  Once I had it right, I super glued the axle in place.  The work is completely hidden by the suspension.  In the front, I added a metal axle.  I was able to drill through the transmission and intermediate shaft.  I also used Bare Metal Foil to back the lights to improve the look of the lenses. I wrapped up the project by replacing the poorly molded exhaust tips with aluminum tubing. 

Completed: August 2012