Toyota MKIII Supra Turbo – Tamiya

Many years ago, I really wanted a 1:1 of this car and almost bought one before I came to my senses!  Building a model of one would take care of the “need” for one!

I used True Blue Pearl for the paint and tinted it with black to make it a very dark color.  I went a little darker than I had intended, but it looks great!  I built this kit during a time when I was really struggling to get my clear coat right and my sanding done correctly. It turns out that my micro polishing sandpapers were to blame for the second issue.  A new set cured that problem!

This is my first completed kit with tinted windows.  After tinting the EG civic’s windows too dark, I cut back on the number of coats and it turned out very well.  I also lowered the car to give it a much better stance. 

Although this kit has some ugly mistakes in it, they aren’t bad enough for me to be disappointed.  The color, stance and finish made up for the mistakes. 

In 2012, I decided to add a little more detail.  The biggest change was the detail work on the wheels.  To get the correct color scheme, I painted the wheels gunmetal first, then used silly putty to fill the holes, then sprayed them aluminum.  I was very pleased with the results.  I also re-sprayed the window trim and side molding with a satin sheen to make it look more realistic.  Finally, I repainted all of the indicators and tail lights. 

Completed: December 2009
Minor Rework: 2012