1932 Ford Highboy – Revell/Monogram

Building old custom hot rods, even box stock is an exercise in patience.  There are many parts that have to be painted body color.  I chose to build this one as a high boy rather than a full fendered hot rod.  The only work I did to the body was smooth out the door hinges and fill the door handle holes.  There was also a really bad ripple in the roof that I was able to knock out using finger nail files as board sanders.

Spraying the green was an exercise in patience as I had great deal of trouble getting it to cover properly.  In the end, I succeeded and was very pleased with the final product.  I wanted to use the engine sides but there was no effective way to attach them.  As much as I wanted to use them, I didn’t like the idea of covering up the engine.

Completed:  December 2009