The Bench – 2009

Moving right along into 2009…More work and more projects.  I decided to revamp my work space by adding shelves.  I was able to safely display the working projects and open up my work space.  I didn’t finish as many projects this year, but I was able to make progress overall. The Ford High-Boy was a nice easy build that moved quickly once I dug into it.  After having to repaint the body on the 1969 GTO, due to metallic paint contamination in the air brush, I was able to wrap up the final details and finish it.  Once I started preparations to paint the EG Civic, I decided that I would start the second S2000 model and the CRX.  I wanted to use the same automotive red paint on all three models.  I quickly knocked out minor body work on both and sprayed all three at the same time (along with emblems for my full size Civic).

Finished this year:

1969 GTO
MKIII Toyota Supra
1932 Ford Hi-Boy