Using Oven Cleaner to Strip Model Part Chrome

There may come a time when you want to strip the chrome from various parts.  You may want to have them replated, go with some other color or whatever your intention.  There are a few tricks that will quickly and easily get the job done.

The technique that I use involves oven cleaner.  I would suggest using an old container, tin foil or something that can withstand the oven cleaner.  Also, make sure you have good ventilation.  Lastly, thick rubber gloves are recommended as this stuff will burn your skin!

Set the parts in the container, spray and wait.  I’ve had to repeat the process a couple of times for stubborn parts but for the most part, after a few minutes, the plating is gone.  If necessary, flip the parts over and spray again.

Thoroughly rinse everything with water.  Now you are ready to prep the parts for whatever it is you have planned.