Honda EG Civic Hatchback – Hasegawa

This kit was painted using the leftover red paint I used to paint the fenders of my 1:1 Civic.  I opted to shave the door handles, side markers.  I later regretted shaving the side markers.  By the time I was ready to finish this kit, I would have been able to easily detail the side markers.  

I used Tamiya’s Smoke color to tint the windows.  They are a little too dark but look really sweet!  I decided to paint the seats the same color as the body.  Now you can see them through the dark tint!

I also used Bare Metal Foil on the backs of the tail lights and front turn signals.  What’s great about using the foil on the lenses is that it drastically brightens the lights and makes them look much more realistic.

I felt that this model sat a little too high.  Using a trick I read in Scale Auto, I had a way to lower the car without butchering the suspension.  I think it turned out really well.

Continuing my new desire of detail painting the bottom of models, I decided to do this one as well. The original chassis pan had a bit of a twist that wouldn’t let the model sit flat.  I had heated it to try and work out the twist and I ended up warping it.  The damage wouldn’t be a problem if I wasn’t going to paint the chassis but it would have been obvious.  I elected to pilfer the chassis pan from a kit I had built years earlier.  

The final touch is the aluminum tubing I used for the exhaust tip. 

Completed:  July 2012