The Bench – September 2020

Back on the horse.

Although August was slow, the work completed helped my motivation. Also, added a new project as a distraction from the difficult projects, helped!

Grand Prix

It’s funny how distractions can help keep you busy! I had pulled out the Grand Prix earlier in the year and started prepping it for paint. Low and behold, I picked it back up and really started hammering out the work. Through September, I finished painting the body and completed the chassis and engine.

Regarding the paint, I had hoped to use leftover Ferrari paint from another build. Sadly, I ran out before I had good coverage. Not wanting to crack open a different color, I pulled out a bottle of Subaru touch-up paint and sprayed all of the parts.

Not the color I was going for but it worked out.

Before I sprayed the clear coat, I foiled and painted the front emblem and painted the front and side markings silver. (Which I realized later that I should have sanded smooth and used decals)

The clear would need to be sanded and polished. Fortunately, only the top surfaces needed attention.

The engine was quick work. I discovered that I was missing the front of the engine (side). Later, I bought another kit (so much for being a cheap build) to get the parts I needed. To dress up the turbo setup, I painted all of the hose couplings red and used foil to make clamps.

A little extra detail goes a long way.

The chassis and other details were painted and assembled.


The Charger. The project that doesn’t know when to quit!

I was nearing the end of the body work when disaster struck. The last thing I needed to add before paint were small pieces of styrene that would give me a place to attach the rear view mirrors. They were primed and the body was sanded. The parts were washed and placed in my dehydrator to dry.

One last thing before it was time for paint.

When I was ready to pull the parts out, the lid slipped out of my hand and it smashed the body!! The driver’s a pillar was broken along with a large crack in the fender. Along with that, the engine bay piece had broken away from the body. Without hesitation, I pulled out my glue and started the repairs. Fortunately, the repairs were relatively simple and I was back on track.

Seriously, the longer the build, the more opportunity for disasters. Alas, repairs were made and it was time to keep moving forward.

The engine pieces were painted and assembled. Once assembled, I started detailing the engine.

The engine is moving along.


There wasn’t as much focus on the Riviera through the month but I did get the chassis painted and detailed.

Chassis painting and detailing complete.


I finally wrapped up the 1/64 Honda CRX that I started a few months ago. Part of the delay was waiting for decals to come from across the globe. Armed with decals, I applied them then followed up with clear. A few days later, I masked and sprayed all of the trim. The last step was to install the Monoblock wheels and glue it all together.

The decals tie this project together well.

My son finished a few of his own 1/64th scale projects. He completed the Miata and the Porsche. The Firebird was finished earlier in the year.

My son’s builds

I also started two more projects but didn’t get far beyond the initial body work and primer.

Gotta start somewhere.


After another long weight, due to oversees shipping being slow this year, was my Zoomon Order. Several sets of wheels, a Spoon Sports Civic trans kit, window masks, photoetch emblems and more.

Plenty of high quality goodies!

Once in a while, I try to do an inventory of all my kits. The picture below is where I’m at as of this month.

My stash as of September 2020.

As always, I am easily distracted by other potential projects. I started tinkering with my AMT A-Team van kit. I worked on filling sing holes in the chassis and worked on the body. Shortly after, I stuffed it back in the box and set it aside. I need to focus on the “critical” builds!

For a brief moment, the A-Team van saw the light of day!