1989 Ford Probe GT – AMT

AMT’s Ford Probe GT

You’re building a what? Yeah, this is not a typical build for me. In fact, had I not received it as a gift, I never would have considered buying one. However, considering this comes from the “rad” generation, and rad is in style, I’m really excited about the build!

I’ve never cared for AMT models and this one continues my disdain. Since it is a flip-up headlight car, I don’t have to worry about chrome headlights. Although, it does come with the option for lights up…and they are chrome. The headlight covers, according to the instructions, are to be glued to the hood. Beyond that, the kit seems to represent the 1:1 reasonably well.

Prepping the Body

I was surprised by the number of separate parts for the body. If AMT released this as a non-GT model, I could understand why. I quickly discovered that the chassis will slip into the body with the bumpers attached. I glued the bumpers, side skirts, wing and mirrors prior to any body work. I also glued the headlight covers to the bumper rather than the hood.

Once everything was in place, I started deepening the panel lines. The more I worked on panel lines, the more work I made for myself by slipping out of the panel lines. That’s how it works out sometimes!

Interior and engine

No work in this area to date.

Suspension and Wheels

The kit includes the stock Probe GT wheels and a set of BBS wheels. The spokes on the stock wheels are comically thick so I’m opting for the BBS wheels.

Final Thoughts

I’ll let you know when I get there!