The Bench – November 2020

Screaming towards the goal! I managed to complete four more builds through the month. At this pace, I will crush my record number of builds from last year!

Grand Prix

The Grand Prix was nearly complete last month. All that was left was to add my custom exhaust tips and the engine parts I scavenged from a replacement kit I bought on Ebay. Although my enthusiasm for this kit waned as fitment issues plagued it, I’m still pleased with the final results.


Next build across the line was the Riviera. I finished up the engine wiring and details then glued it in place.

After completing the engine it was time to join the main components of the build. The interior we glued to the body, then the body to the frame.

I almost forgot about the shifter! The shifter was painted and glued in place.

Once the body was glued in place, it was time to attach the wheels. I had over drilled the mounting holes which allowed for more flexibility to adjust the alignment. Unfortunately, the flexibility introduced greater opportunities for error. To combat the concern, I used a couple of adjustable clamps to make sure they were pointing straight forward and up.

When the glue set, I added the exhaust pipes and tips. This build is done!

The stance, engine, wheels and exhaust tips look amazing!


Botched primer on the wheels caused the delay in the Challenger build. The chrome on the kit wheels was in poor shape. They were stripped the primed. However, I used too much and filled in detail. Much to my dismay, I could not completely strip the primer. I used a set of wheels from my stash as replacements. Fun fact, I’m fairly certain two of them were from one of the original kits I built.

Primer, then enamel gloss black, masking, Spaz Stix chrome and silver paint were used to finish the wheels.

Once dry, I glued the wheels in place and deemed this build complete!

Cozy Coupe

I really wanted to break my record from last year. While reviewing my inventory of unbuilt kits, and what I had on the shelf to complete, I decided that I needed a couple of quick builds. Cheating? absolutely not! I picked up this Cozy Coupe from Zoom on Models while ordering other parts. The build only took a couple of days but required prep, painting and assembly. Just like any other model!


Continuing the theme of breaking last year’s record, I pulled this Concept Camaro from my stash. It was purchased years ago to provide spare parts for my son’s model. Being a snap kit, there isn’t much to it. Snap kit aside, it is a nicely detailed kit! Once the body prep work was complete, I tore through the build very quickly.

I had hoped to use the kit’s Big and Littles wheels on another build. The only problem was the large wheel openings in back. The set of 19’s I used from Aoshima didn’t look right. They were quickly abandoned for the the kits wheels. The kit wheels were stripped and painted Gunmetal. In the end, this quick build deserves its place next to more complicated builds!


As I was wrapping up the Camaro and Cozy Coupe, I knew I wanted to finish one more build. On my bench were the ’57 Corvette, ’63 Corvette, and ’71 Ranger. Which could I finish quicker?

The interior of the ’63 was complete along with the body work. I decided it was the one. It was sprayed with enamel Boyd’s Aluma Yellow. A few days after painting, I forgot why I loath enamels. They take a really long time to harden. Oh No! Waiting a month to let it cure wasn’t going to work for me. I set it aside and pulled out the next Corvette!

The ’57 was going to be the Hail Mary to break the goal. While digging through my Zoomon stash for the Cozy Coupe, I was reminded of several wheels I bought. The Rays TE37 wheels with aluminum hoops looked like a much better option over the C4 wheels I was planning on using.

Final prep on the body was completed and it was time to paint! I sprayed the scallops white then masked for red.

The engine was also painted, assembled and wired.

Prior to clear, I detailed photo etched parts and glued them to the body. I’d rather encase them in clear for durability rather than perfect realism.

Ford Ranger

Honorable mention:

The Ranger was on the short list for wrapping up the year. Although I had finished a set of factory steel wheels for the truck, I pulled out a set of Pegasus wheels and loved the look. I did discover that there was an alignment issue up front along with too much ride height. I cut the mounting pins for the wheels and relocated them accordingly.

In all honestly, I don’t like building trucks. Preparing and painting all of the parts for the bed and cab is more than I care to do for a build. What can I say? Because of that, my motivation to dig into this build wasn’t there. Even so, I look forward to finishing this build!

Notice the wheel pin is moved forward.

So Many parts….

Fortunately, I was all-in on the ’57 Corvette. I was going to make it!