The Bench – March 2017

I managed to find the time to make good progress on a few projects this month.

I ordered a set of 1/32 scale slot car tires for the bug. They were wider than I needed but had the correct overall diameter and hole for the wheel. A little trimming took care of that. I decided to create a “white wall” look by painting the rim section of the wheel. The paint didn’t turn out well but I was able to see what it would look like and I was very pleased. I will be stripping the wheels and repainting. I’m confident of the final results.

I also made solid progress on the ’79 Camaro. The body work on the t-top project turned out better than I had ever hoped. From the outside, there is no sign they ever existed! I finished sanding and priming the body and sprayed the color. I also discovered that my big-block conversion would need more than dropping in the new engine. I did find that the transmission cross member was in the right spot. I removed the original engine mounts, shaved them to smaller pieces and glued them in place. Now the engine fits perfectly.

In other news, the ’53 Chevy’s chassis is slowly moving along. I also made more progress on the ’70 GSX.

I picked up the new Molotow chrome paint pen. I’m blown away by how well it works and looks! Comparing it directly to bare metal foil, you can’t tell the difference! I managed to add some great detail to the interiors of the Roadrunner and GSX. It also worked great for painting the center caps of the Camaro. I look forward to picking up the “refill” bottle to use in my airbrush.