The Bench – October 2017

I managed to kick it into gear at the end of September and it really shows! I finished the Bug, 79 Camaro and 70 roadrunner.

I finished all work on the bug except for the wheels last month. Several months earlier, I experimented with a color combination that I really liked, but executed it with lack-luster results. I sprayed the red color first, then tried masking with putty to spray the white rim. Once they were stripped, I sprayed the white paint, then carefully masked to spray the red. Once they were masked, I sprayed one more coat of white paint to seal the edge of the masking. it turned out very well! After the paint dried, I quickly set the ride height and finished assembling the bug.

The paint on the body of the Roadrunner was finished earlier in the summer. All I had left to do was detail painting and assembly. I stripped the bumpers and chromed them with alclad. The grill was stripped and carefully masked and sprayed to try and reproduce the 1:1 version. I wrapped up the grill trim by using my Molotow chrome pen. Once the engine bay detail was painted and the window trim covered in bare metal foil, and a few other details competed, the Roadrunner was complete.

The 79 Camaro was also completed. I finished the detail paint on the body, finished the engine and custom solder exhaust, custom driveshaft, interior paint, flocking and attached the body to the chassis.

I finished the interior for the 53 Chevy…probably one of the more intricate interiors I’ve ever completed. I also managed to finish the front suspension by relocating the wheel attachment points.

I was very satisfied with the level of progress I made through October.