1970 Buick GSX – Monogram – WIP

I have to start this by saying this isn’t one of my favorite cars. I honestly don’t know why I bought it back in the ’90’s. I tried starting it in 2007 and after grinding off the door handles and painting the chassis, I tossed everything back in the box. I’ve pulled it out a couple of times over the years and decided to finally commit to building it.

I started by stripping the chassis pan to give me a fresh slate. Other than a few mold lines, the body didn’t need much prep work. I scribed the panel lines and filled the truck keyhole. Since the wing had no locating marks, I taped it in place, outlined the mounts with a marker and drilled holes. I then reattached the wing and drilled holes into the mounts. I used thin wire to create mounting pins for positive location and the means solidly mount it to the finished model.

I decided to stick with an OEM look for the GSX and paint it yellow. I chose Tamiya Camel yellow which I sprayed directly from the can.

The GSX decals have a cut-out for the door handles which I corrected by carefully masking the decals and airbrushing satin black paint over the gap.

More to come!