Toyota TE27 Levin Corolla – Fujimi – WIP

I love old Japanese cars. That was my motivation for buying this kit. Since it is a curbside, I’m planning on a quick build. Originally, I wanted to build it 100% box stock however, while researching the car online, most examples had Watanabe wheels. I liked the look and ordered a set.

I chose Tamiya’s British Racing Green for the color. I decanted the paint and sprayed it with my airbrush followed by Tamiya’s spray clear.

For the interior, the dashboard needed quite a bit of fill to correct several bad sink marks. After that, the rest was straight forward. I used Molotow chrome to paint the rivets in the seats and trim around the dash and center console. I then flocked the interior with Flock It charcoal flocking.

To date, I finished sanding the clear and will be starting the detail work on the body shortly. I’ve been reluctant to mask the chassis detail. The engine and exhaust are molded into the chassis and require painstaking masking to look good.