1/32 Scale Mazda FC3S RX7 – Fujimi

Several years ago, I picked up a set of four 1/32 Fujimi Initial D kits.  After I finished the FD3S RX7, I decided that I was never going to finish the other three.  The detail of the kits were decent, but the lights were part of the body and the decals provided were crude stickers that weren’t going to look good.  Years later, after having aquired new skills, I decided to give two of the others a shot.  This RX7 is one that I chose to finish.

My main goal with this kit was to finish at least one project in 2013.  It only took me two days to finish it. It was also my first experiment with Tamiya spray paint.  I was impressed by the paint and my ability to spray it and make it look right.  Details included black trim around the windows, bare metal foil for backing the lights, Tamiya clears for the tails and indicators, and aluminum exhaust tips.  In the end, I was really happy with the finished model and the fact that I discovered a new way to paint through Tamiya’s spray paints.