The Bench – June 2020

Not as busy

Although I didn’t have as much time to work on projects this month, I did finish the ’01 Z06 Corvette. The Porsche 911 and Countach moved forward with plenty of trim painting. Progress on the countach. Even though it is not a significant achievement I finally decided which wheels I’ll use for the ’57 Corvette. Like I said, not a model busy month.

2001 Corvette Z06

Now that the hood was done, or at least as done as I was willing to make it, I was able to wrap up the final details on the ’01 Z06 Corvette. I finished installing all of the lenses and windows and then attached the hood. I had hoped to skip adding aluminum tubing for exhaust tips but ended up using them when I botched drilling out the tips. In the end, it looks better with polished exhaust tips!

Wrapping up the details on the body.
Date marked, ready for final assembly.

Porsche 911

This model seems to receive attention in small bursts. While preparing the Countach for significant amounts of trim and accent paint, I realized the 911 wouldn’t take much more time to do the same. Masked and painted, it went back to the shelf. Finishing the Countach is the priority.

Window trim masked and ready for paint.
One more step complete before it goes back on the shelf.


Having completed the ‘Vette, I latched onto making serious progress on the Countach. The body has several cavities that need to be painted black. I had stressed over this detail and then found that I could do it well by masking over the edge and spraying under the edge of the tape. Once all the detail work was complete, I nearly completed the build. Next month…

The body, the doors, the engine cover, all were painted this way with great success!
All of the details have been painted. Time to start assembly.
I used the same trick for the indicator pockets. To tone down the pockets, I sprayed light gunmetal rather than silver.
As with every project, once the detail work is complete, assembly goes quickly. At this point, I realized the front splitter needed grinding to fit properly and then fresh color and clear.

Other Projects

Not as exciting to discuss: I picked which wheels I was going to use on my rescue 57 Corvette. The kit had everything but the tires and white wall inserts. I was going to do something with the original wheels but finally landed on the C4 Vette wheels.

I like it!
I would use these wheels, from the C5 Z06 on many projects if I had spares!
Small but good progress.

July packs a much bigger punch! Stay tuned!